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Performance Notes:  Puer Natus in Bethlehem

This song may be played with guitar accompaniment, with or without keyboard. It was originally composed with guitar chords in A, and this key may offer a more interesting picking pattern. Of course, the guitarist must capo 3 frets up to C to match the singers and keyboard.

For a fuller accompaniment, use piano, organ, guitars and string bass. Melody instruments may double the voice parts.

A complete arrangement of this song (chorus, flute, keyboard and optional bass) is also provided. The chorus parts are for three part children’s choir – descant, melody and alto. To use this arrangement with a mixed voice choir, let the male voices sing the melody. When not singing a separate part the descants sing the melody.

The complete arrangement has verses 2 and 4 in English.

The keyboard part may sound a little “busy” on some pianos. In that case, leave out some of the eighth notes. The same would be true for performing it on the organ. The full score also contains an acoustic bass part which makes the playback sound a lot better. This can serve as a suggested part for a bass player – a beginning bassist could play it as written on an acoustic bass without difficulty.


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